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A Brief Introduction To The Electrical Control Box Wiring, Discharge Line
Dec 08, 2017

The electronic control box is a device consisting of a plurality of low-voltage switchgear and its similar control, measurement and its signal, protection and regulation, which is assembled by the factory's household structural components. Speaking of electrical control box wiring sequence, until all ready, then start wiring, according to its schematic diagram, first of all, pay attention to completing the main circuit wiring, followed by the control circuit and its signal lines.

Then, regarding the electric control box's discharge line, according to its actual need length to carry on the blanking, note that you have to consider the maximum limit of the length of the position needed, and then, in order to put the line, it is necessary to be careful to use the short or zero thread, to avoid the phenomenon of waste.

Furthermore, in the case of the discharge line of the electronic control box, it is not allowed to have an intermediate joint or a strong tensile conductor and the insulation is damaged for its two conductors. The wire arrangement should be as far as possible to reduce the bending and intersection, bending time, for its bending radius should be noted that not less than 3 times times the diameter of the conductor, and to pay attention to curved arc, the wire crossing, there should be a few wires across multiple wires, fine wires across the rough wire as the main principle.

When the wire on the electronic control box passes through the metal plate hole, it is certain that the metal plate hole is fitted with a more suitable protective material, such as a rubber sheath. Next, we should pay attention to the electric control box wire harness with flame-retardant winding pipe, in order to achieve the conduction time of the heat dissipation requirements, winding tube every week should also be aware of 3~10mm gap, and is segmented winding.