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A Brief Introduction To The Scaffolding Erection Of The Hanging Basket Accessories
Nov 10, 2017

"Overview" when it comes to scaffold erection on hanging basket accessories, the first thing is to carry out the erection of the pole, for the pick rod itself, 3 6m steel pipe should be used directly from the rotating fastener combination, buckle in the end of the steel pipe and the middle of the steel pipe, stick out the daughter of the wall 50cm, put plank in the wall , For its method of erection, it will use three steel pipe erection bracket.

The distance should not be set greater than 2m along the edge of the parapet wall, the above is connected with the 6m whole steel pipe, its bracket itself should be connected with a cross fastener, with the 6m whole steel pipe on its height as high as the wall. the back of the rod will be worn into the ring, the root of the pole is to pay attention to the bar, pick Rod end of the same is also should be to use the bar buckle will form a whole to prevent the wire rope slip off phenomenon. In order to ensure the overall stability, the root of the pick rod should be paid attention to 100kg sandbags to prevent instability.

The second step of scaffold erection on the hanging basket accessories is to connect. With wire rope through the plate gourd, pick the place, for the wire rope winding should not be less than 3 laps and with 3 of rope cards to buckle, the direction of the rope card is to keep correct.

When it comes to installing the safety device on the gondola, installation direction should be kept correct, the hook on the insurance is sensitive and effective, for its safety device, short wire rope should be used to connect through the shackle and the rings.

The final step in the erection of the scaffold on the hanging basket accessories is to pay attention to the adjustment. Keep the length of the hoop and hanging from the wall distance is same, the wire rope vertical downward, hook is located in the middle of the hanging basket, so that as to ensure that the lifting basket after take-off and landing smoothly not to the wall and outside the wall tilt.