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Advantages Of Leasing Equipment For Future Construction Cranes
Sep 25, 2017

At present, the structure, technology and technology of the leasing equipment of the building crane have been greatly improved and improved. If the early hanging basket, the suspension mechanism material used is the i-steel. Self - weight, installation, and handling require a lot of manpower, material resources. At the same time, the structure of the front extension is the method of steel suspension, and the stability of the force is far less than that of the current general use of the lock type.
The leasing of leasing equipment for construction cranes has been widely used in various construction projects and high places in recent years. Can replace the traditional scaffold in high-rise buildings, such as high, cost for scaffolding half cost less, can also be applied to high-rise elevator shaft installation, the shipbuilding welding, large tanks, tall chimneys, dam, bridge repair, glass curtain wall cleaning, indoor and outdoor cleaning and other projects.
Using the hanging basket can shorten the working period, repeat use, can take about half of the expenses, reduce the labor intensity, increase productivity inverse times. There are two series of hanging baskets for building hanging baskets, and dozens of models for each project.
Made by domestic and foreign advanced technology, reasonable structure, compared with other structure of the hanging basket has higher convenient, simple operation, safe and reliable, the various specifications, saving investment, high efficiency, etc. It is mainly applicable to exterior wall construction, bridge construction and chimney construction of high-rise buildings.
The cable is an important component of the leasing equipment of the construction crane, which also affects the price of the equipment for the sale of the equipment.
Construction hanging basket leasing equipment cable in the construction of the outer wall of high-rise buildings, some will see the hanging basket. It plays an unobliterating role in the construction of overhead baskets leasing equipment cable. It is easy to operate and easy to use, and the cable of the construction crane is widely used in construction. The use of personnel only requires a handle switch to operate its lift.
In addition to simple operation and convenient installation, it is also guaranteed on the safety factor. The cable adopts unique brake motor, which can automatically brake after the system is out of power without causing the danger of the taxi.