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Analysis Of Mechanical Properties Of Composite Structure Of Suspended Platform Suspension Platform
Sep 25, 2017

In recent years the domestic building scaffolding collapse and fall accidents occurred frequently, according to statistics, the group die group of injury accident, the founding of the internal and external working summarized research status quo of higher hanging basket belongs to the category of aerial work machinery, aerial work machinery abroad belongs to the emerging industry, is developed on the basis of engineering in heavy machinery high-tech industrial system, development of only 30 years of history. In our country, it is a late development and rapid development of new products, while western industrial developed countries have been widely adopted, and there are fewer companies specializing in the production of high-altitude operating machinery.
Fledgling domestic aerial work machinery development, the development history of only 20 years time, the domestic production of aerial work equipment compared to international same type aerial work machinery products is still a certain gap, main show is low technology content, large, heavy structure, less homework micro issue such as difference of performance. In the development and development of the design process, effective measures, experimental studies, and solutions should be adopted to narrow the gap. Construction hanging basket height assignment is developed on the basis of a crane, aerial work equipment than the traditional floor type steel pipe scaffold fast installation, simple operation and easy to use, safe and reliable, can effectively shorten construction time limit for a project to reduce the workers labor intensity significantly improve labor efficiency to reduce the construction cost by more than 50%, is the exterior decoration construction at home and abroad are widely accepted in the construction enterprise to equipment. But because of the need for manned operation, compared with the general lifting transport machinery, there is a particularity in the overhead hanging basket of construction height. When using high homework when hanging basket, the staff will be more than ten meters or several ten meters high, in order to ensure their safety, high work suspension platform should have higher safety and reliability. The suspension platform is the main load-carrying part of the high work hanging basket, and its design performance can directly affect the technical performance of the whole machine. For a long time, the design of hanging baskets on high ground is the traditional mechanical calculation method, which is complicated and has a long design cycle. In addition, more assumptions and simplification are needed to calculate complex structures, which results in poor accuracy of calculation results. At the same time, in order to guarantee the safe and reliable structure, the design safety coefficient is generally larger, this to will cause the waste of material and manufacturing costs rise, it is not easy to get economy and reliability of the optimal solution. The finite element analysis software based on finite element method can solve these problems effectively. Represented by ANSYS finite element analysis software is not only easy to use, powerful functions, highly effective, the calculation accuracy is high, the calculation result has become all kinds of industrial products design and performance analysis. This topic for the 7.5 m high as the combination of two kinds of scheme work hanging basket hanging, using finite element analysis software ANSYS, the structure of the high work hanging basket suspension platform for static finite element analysis, the analysis of the results of the suspension platform and module combination of the same kind of product has certain guiding significance to the design and transformation.
Foreign research status in the developed countries such as America, Japan, Germany, France, Britain and other construction companies well-equipped, advanced construction technology, the per capita rate of equipment is China's per capita equipment was 8 ~ 10 times. Foreign production enterprises adopt modular design, so that they are stored, transported and replaced. Skyclimber USES a combination of 1, 2 and 3 meters to achieve a 12-meter length. The heights of the American Power climber company research and development work hanging basket hanging with a minimum length of platform, 2 m, the maximum length to 19 m, load rated load from 909 kg to 341 kg of its suspension system and Power lifting device in a leading position in the world, work platform adopts the module design, can according to need to use standard parts in the combination of various types of platforms. Compared to developed countries of similar products Belgium company 800 type hoist weight 56 kg roll South Korea DORA company 1000 type hoist weight 57 kg and 800 type hoist weight 800 kg weight loss more than 30 kg will be needed to achieve the advanced level of Japan in the 20 years ago launched without scaffolding work act, the United States, Germany, France, Britain and other European and American countries after the first launch of the "aerial work machinery construction methods. In recent years for the development of large construction, construction firms are equipped with a highly automated, intelligent equipment, attaches great importance to the safety of construction work, high in high work hanging basket, litre drop platform building cleaning and maintenance equipment has a high risk of device adopts the multichannel security protection system, big big improved the security of the project construction, widely used in the process of the construction information management system of the construction process, to do the construction whole process fine management, engineering quality, energy consumption, pollution, waste has been effectively controlled.

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