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Electric Lifting Basket Correct Operation Specification
Sep 25, 2017

1. Operators must adapt to the diseases and physical defects of high work, and must have been trained and obtained the certificate of operation.
2. Prior to the operation of the operator, it is necessary to study and master the contents of the use of the book. Prior to use, the test items must be inspected. Strict implementation of safe operating procedures in use; After use, do well maintenance work.
3. The operator and the construction personnel must wear the safety helmet, fasten the seat belt and the self-locking hook on the safety belt must be attached to the safety rope set separately.
4, it is forbidden to take failure and overload use (suspension platform of load weight should include personnel), must guarantee the stability of suspension mechanism of counterweight torque to be equal to or greater than twice the weight of platform and weight of wire rope and rated load and overturning moment caused by wind load. The load is basically uniform on the whole length of the platform; When the construction height of more than 50 m and out before the beam height in excess of the prescribed scope, or between before and after stent is shortened, the platform of the load must be reduced, when the wind is bigger (equivalent to increase the load platform), weight also decreased.
5. It is forbidden to use the super length or two hanging baskets. The hanging basket parts of different manufacturers shall not be mixed.
6. When the suspension platform is in operation, operators should pay close attention to the upper and lower obstacles to avoid causing collision or other accidents; Pay attention to the upper limit when running up.
7. When the suspension platform tilts more than 15CM, it should be adjusted in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the use of safety locks and even damage the parts.
Do not use ladders, stools, footpads and other tools in the suspension platform.
9. Must have regular inspection and maintenance of electric lifting basket