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Electric Lifting Basket Introduction--ZLP Electric Hoisting Basket
Sep 25, 2017

Introduction of ZLP electric lifting basket:
ZLP series electric lifting basket, high security, high stability, advanced technology, reasonable structure and simple modeling. There are two steel wire ropes at each end of the hanging basket, respectively lifting the load bearing and safety protection, and the basket is equipped with three different types of safety braking mechanism, and its performance is safe and reliable. The eaves suspension structure is a combination and can be used to make different types of eaves. Electric cabinet with a sequence protector, external power supply, fuse, limit switch, leakage protection switch, stop switch, overheating protection and other protective equipment, safety lock can be used in the motor wire rope fracture quickly locked safe use, to ensure staff safety. In addition, it can be combined into 2, 4 and 6m baskets according to the need, and it is easy to disassemble, easy to store and transport. ZLP series high work electric hanging basket is the ideal choice for construction enterprises!
Features and USES:
Features: this hoisting basket is a lifting device that USES the steel wire rope from the top of the building to lift the working platform vertically from the facade of the building.
Application: ZLP series of hanging baskets is suitable for the construction and decoration of the outer wall of high-rise buildings of various architectural forms, and the exterior construction, maintenance and operation of the hull in the building of the ship.
Principle: the ZLP series crane is used to climb up the wire rope through lifting device. Climbing height can be selected arbitrarily.
Mechanism: ZLP series of hanging baskets adopt the advanced technology such as planetary gear transmission mechanism, disc spring clamping mechanism and alpha-coil rope climbing, etc., transmission efficiency