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Principle Of Installation And Use Of Testing Steel Suspension Platform
Nov 25, 2017

After using steel suspension platform ,the surface should be wiped clean, If not has being in working for a long time , surface of the test platform should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, to prevent it from rusting phenomenon. Next, in the removal of the inspection steel suspension platform should be cautious, strictly prohibit rough work. And the platform itself is to be careful, not to stack storage, to prevent its stacking squeeze caused by deformation.

Steel suspension platform should be placed in the dry and ventilated warehouse for safekeeping, can not be placed in the cold and humid places, but also can not have water droplets on the surface of the flat. To install the platform, the support test platform for the stent directly placed in the main support point of the place. Support Time is also should be to pay attention to maintain the platform of the face adjustment to the level.

Immediately before the use of steel suspension platform, there will need a professional staff for testing and debugging,then it can be used. When do installing machinery and equipment parts, do not install on the platform above, but also not use hammers or pliers and other tools to beat its platform.

Furthermore, in the using of steel suspension platform, the installation of machinery and equipment parts should be careful to take care of, be aware of the need to prevent mechanical equipment parts and underlined platform strong collision. If the platform surface collides with the mechanical parts, it should be noted that it should be repaired before the impact sag or the convex part is used.

Finally, make sure the steel suspension platform in all parts of properly used, to avoid the excessive use and wear. Also pay attention to maintain the surface clean after use sNote to the timely clean the platform surface, to avoid falling impurities.