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Safety Management Of Electric Suspended Basket In Construction
Sep 25, 2017

Construction cannot leave electric basket, electric basket to stable trend in price, electric basket can be instead of the traditional scaffold in high-rise building, the work high above the greatly improved work efficiency. At present, the electric lifting basket has been widely used in the construction and maintenance of the outer wall of high-rise buildings, and the safety management of high-altitude work is the premise of the guarantee of the construction engineering quality.
The choice lifting mechanism of electric lifting basket is an important mechanical equipment that realizes the mechanization, automation, improvement of material flow condition, reducing labor intensity and improving productivity. Some related regulations, electric basket refers to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t elevator; Rated lifting weight greater than or equal to lt, electric basket is intermittent, the workings of a cycle, by lifting hook or other fetch device of hoisting or lifting and moving heavy objects of mechanical equipment, complete loading (scraping), hoisting, lifting, and discharge (heavy objects fall to the ground), and other operation process.