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The Application Of Electric Hanging Basket On High Ground In Other Places
Sep 25, 2017

The application of electric hanging basket on high ground in other places
1. Maintenance of power system. Maintenance and construction
2. The electric hoisting ship can complete the required tasks conveniently and quickly in the maintenance, maintenance and construction of the electric construction system, such as the maintenance, maintenance and construction of the hydropower station or the dam
3. Erection and maintenance of large cable, maintenance of power transmission shaft tower, maintenance of airport and road sign lamps. It is also widely used in wind power generation system to carry out maintenance and maintenance of fan page and tower.
4. Elevator installation, boiler overhaul, high-rise building ladder operation, electric hoist basket used in boiler overhaul of large steel mills and power plants are also very common.
5. To carry out the manned ladder operation of large tower, tower and some high-rise buildings for electric hanging baskets.
6. Electric hoisting basket performs elevator track installation in high-rise building well.
Hoisting operation of hoisting operation is not only easy to operate, but also the volume weight is small, especially for the vertical lifting of some objects.
To sum up, the overhead hanging basket has been widely used in construction and decoration