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The Building Suspender Is Prohibited To Operate
Sep 25, 2017

Operator: the equipment rental unit standard practice, check the qualified person. Due to the large number of workers in the construction site, we should strengthen the operation of education to the operators, and the key exercises:
You should wear a special work safety operation certificate with a photo attached to your work. The number of staff at work is less than or greater than 2. You should wear a helmet, use your seat belt, and fasten the self-locking hook on the safety line. Drunk, overtired, mood changers not to be on duty.
It is not allowed to wear slippers or plastic soles to work. Guangxi construction hanging basket manufacturer of lease contrast should be down to the ground safety tablet (frame), before, preventing at humanly scaled electric basket is placed at will, or other unsafe local jump or climb.
Not allowing operators to jump from a hanging basket into another hanging basket. Secure the cable and plug the control box. The operator found that the accident risk may not be the safety factor, and had the right to appeal to the unit leader to select the corresponding labor protection measures. The manager shall have the right to refuse to carry out the risk work.
After the operation, the electric hanging basket parts should be cleaned, suspended from the ground 3m, cut off the power, and removed the ladder. Effect on curtain wall installation, external wall cleaning. In according to the difficulty of construction and construction site now can produce different chimney with annular electric basket accessories, Marine hanging electric basket accessories, electric furnace detection hanging basket with super long electric accessories, bridge hanging basket accessories, operators must be in good health.
The rated adjustment range of the extended length of the front beam of the electric hanging basket is 0.3 to 1.5 m. In excess of the rated overhanging length, reliable reinforcement and rated work load must be taken.
Electric basket accessories to install the ground should choose water, if it comes to the inclined plane, should under the Angle of wheel can cushion for leaning on, such as the installation surface is waterproof thermal insulation level, should be in the front and back below 2.5-3 cm thick padded board, prevent crush waterproof thermal insulation level.
When clamping wire rope, the number of rope clamping is not less than 3, the u-shaped opening and the end of the wire rope are opposite, and the direction is the same. The rope clip should be clamped from the lifting point, and between the last rope clip and the previous rope clip, the wire rope should be slightly arched.
When tightening the wire rope, the front beam should be slightly upturned 3-5 cm, resulting in prestressing and improving the former beam. Adjustable suspension bracket before the pedestal height should make the regulation of beam under lateral slightly above the parapet height, possible, shall be positioned in the suspension mechanism, in the former under the beam out of the side between the parapet and padded block is fixed.
In front of the electric hanging basket accessories, the rear seat space should be adjusted to the maximum distance under the allowed conditions of the site. The distance between the two stands should be adjusted to the distance between the overhanging end points of the front beam and the length of the suspension platform from 3 to 5 cm.