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The Three Advantages Of Electric Lifting Basket Operation
Sep 25, 2017

With the construction of high-rise buildings in China, the improvement of urban environment beautification requirements and the popularization of electric hanging baskets of high-altitude work. In developed countries abroad, it has been 40 years since the use of high-altitude operating electric suspender. From the 1980s, our country began to use foreign technology to design the domestic product, and gradually put into production. The exterior decoration of the building is a heavy and comprehensive project, with large amount of construction, long period of construction, much use of labor force and low economic benefit
We are always professional in the electric sling, the products are well received by the customer, what are the advantages of the basket?
Three advantages:
1. Usability: reasonable design and a series of supporting facilities for transportation, storage and on-site management, creating favorable conditions for standardization and civilized management of the construction site. The door type scaffold is built and removed without any other tools. The operation is convenient, quick, and high-altitude work is especially safe. It is the ideal material for the building.
2, applicability: we produce electric basket is widely used in factories, large sports venues, shopping malls, tunnel, subway, railway stations, docks, airports, convention and exhibition center, stage, billboards, bridge beams, shipbuilding and other industrial and civil building construction and maintenance.
3, reliability: in order to ensure that the product used for a long time without rust, inside and outside surface of the hot dip galvanized products processing, improved the surface corrosion resistance, prolong the service life, our electric basket full play to the role of the framework combination, stable performance is good, interlayer walkway level off, the whole structure is stable and reliable, operation environment neat and uniform.
The full name of the electric hanging basket is called an electric height lifting basket. It is made by domestic and foreign advanced technology, reasonable structure, compared with other structure of the hanging basket has higher convenient, simple operation, safe and reliable, the various specifications, saving investment, high efficiency, etc.