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The Use Of High Altitude Working Basket In Construction Industry
Sep 25, 2017

The use of high altitude working basket in construction industry
Building decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high work hanging basket as buildings cleaning maintenance equipment is both economical and practical, and safe and reliable, low maintenance cost and the operation is simple, the equipment itself, a way is adopted widely in high-rise buildings.
Using hanging basket as host, it can and cooperate with the many device on the roof to complete cleaning d protection function, such as: roof can use hanging basket bracket of roof, roof, roof bar, car roof rail car, hanging rail walk climb track device, etc., so that users can according to the roof structure, space and economic conditions to choose different roof device.
1, with high work hanging basket stucco paint job, the job of the roof on the most used standard hanging basket roof bracket for hanging basket, roof stent combined structure, easy to install and disassemble.
2, using high work hanging basket to concrete silo, concrete chimney and power plant cooling tower construction of fa? Ade renovation, hanging basket according to the shape of the building structure design into different hanging basket platform, there are a variety of forms such as round, semicircle, triangle and polygon can be square Combination, it can well solve the facade decoration and cleaning maintenance problems.
3, the use of electric basket for high-rise building exterior facade cleaning maintenance operation, the system of roof adopts manual shift rod processing, the whole roof mechanism has simple structure, low cost, has been widely used in building external wall cleaning maintenance.
4, the use of electric basket for high-rise building exterior facade cleaning maintenance work the other way, walking on the roof laying track in the system And configure the car that can walk in the roof level, hang on the wire rope with electric basket on homework, high efficiency, easy to use.
5, the use of electric basket indoor awning and the facade cleaning maintenance work, the structure of the system in the awning on laying walking track and climb track device drives the basket that can walk levels together complete different position awning and facade work.
6, square developed special electric basket, the device can be tilted in small space inside the awning of facade and arc facade work, system of hanging basket with adjustable structure against the wall, and the circular arc or cant wire rope guide wheel installed on curtain wall structure, to avoid the pressure loss of the curtain wall surface, and fully meet the requirements of the facade arc or inclined plane, hanging basket of catenary orbit climb rail device for the shift, can be horizontal, tilt, circular arc and vertical direction of walking.