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What Is An Attached Electric Construction Platform
Nov 23, 2017

Attached electric construction platform is a large-scale self elevating high-altitude platform. This kind of construction platform can replace steel, bamboo, wood scaffold and its electric hanging basket, used in the High altitude project construction, especially is suitable for the decoration work. This type of construction platform only needs to be built a platform, and then it is necessary to pay attention along the pillars attached to the building through the gear rack transmission mode to achieve take-off and landing.

Attached electric construction platform operation is very smooth, and on the other hand, it is actually able to save a lot of materials, for the operation of the control box, we are actually to pay attention to the above is to be installed on the work platform, the operation is more convenient.

The construction personnel can ascend the construction platform to the ideal height according to the work need, facilitates the work personnel to carry on the construction with the most comfortable posture, on this point, it actually can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity; multiple intelligences and the use of their security controllers, To a certain extent, it will ensure that this product is safe and reliable to use, and for such products, in itself, it will be the elevator and the work platform, in order to provide the operation platform for the construction staff, and greatly solve the material transport problems.

Attached electric construction platform has gradually become a relatively mature construction technology in foreign countries, and in terms of itself, we should be aware that it is widely used in different heights of decoration construction.

In our country, with the rising cost of labor and its higher requirements for the construction environment, the attachment-type electric construction platform is more and more in the engineering application. Attachment-type electric construction platform used in the early various high-rise construction of the external wall construction (decoration, decoration, sandblasting, piling), and in addition to the glass curtain wall construction, cleaning and maintenance of the application is also a lot.