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What Is The Function Of The Cradle Safety Lock
Dec 11, 2017

Cradle safety lock is an important guarantee and effective protection of children 's life. Now all the cradles have a cradle safety lock.  When putting the child in the cradle, parents must be sure to put the cradle safety lock.

When the cradle is in use, always check whether the control lock of the cradle is in the locked state, to prevent the tragedy caused by some inattention.

When the cradle safety lock is applied to the car, it means that when getting off, adults can never save a step is to open the door for children. This prevents the child from having an avoidable safety accident due to the front and rear vehicles when the child gets off. In fact, there will be a small deadman (safety mechanism) below the lock, then dial to the end with the children 's icon.

Cradle safety locks prevent the dangers while driving, saving adults some  dangers of accidents due to worry.

Such adjustment controls have a child-resistant locking feature ( i.e. the child cannot lower the cradle himself ). Such safety locks reduce the chance of accidental release.