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What Is The Safety Of The Suspension Stage Platform Equipment?
Dec 02, 2017

When it comes to the safety of the suspension stage platform equipment, it means the ability of long term operation under the prescribed working conditions without accident; Speaking of the safety capability of the suspension stage platform equipment, it is the ability to continue working under the technical parameters after the reduction in the event of a temporary failure.

The safety performance of the platform equipment is the ability to perceive the abnormal working state or to display and alarm. This security capability, or performance, will be done by the platform design itself and electrical control together; Consider in the performance is to be aware of the need to be as soon as possible to eliminate the stage platform of the temporary failure of the ability to make the stage platform failure as far as possible does not affect the performance itself normal.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the safety factor of the suspension stage platform equipment will include all mechanical parts. The design of the time must be to ensure that under the combined action of the rated load and inertia load, carry on more reliable work.

In the application of hanging stage platform equipment, it will have a certain amount of security reserves, the safety factor is actually the ultimate stress on all materials and parts of the maximum working stress ratio. The most important part of the work should be the attention to consider the maximum static load and its dynamic load.

Finally, on the suspension stage platform equipment, considering the safety factor, pay attention to look at its suspension weight or traction time used in the wire rope, be noted that should be greater than or equal to 10. The safety factor of the hoisting chain on the platform equipment should be paid more attention to more than or equal to 12.