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What Should Be Noted When Choosing A Construction Hanging Basket?
Nov 04, 2017

"Overview" when operating at high altitude, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of construction hanging basket, however, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate and relatively safe construction hanging basket , on this point of view, it is directly related to the safety of Spider-Man.

In the selection of construction hanging basket, to a certain extent, we should pay attention to checking whether it will have a production license and its qualification level. In many production conditions of the manufacturers, in a very large extent, we are actually to pay attention to the assessment should be carefully, the preferred to carry out orders.

In the product series recommended by the manufacturers, according to the construction of the construction basket used in the project to determine the parameters, to choose the specific type of hanging basket. In the selection of the model, to a certain extent, it will be compared to the main body hanging basket, including the lifting (climbing) mechanism, safety lock and its operating platform (hanging basket body) and suspension mechanism, and then, we actually have to pay attention to observe the electrical control system and safety devices on the pros and cons and reliability.

Furthermore, when checking the construction of hanging basket production plant, the manufacturer's steel test report should be reviewed when it comes to the specific programs, Next, we actually have to pay attention to check the lifting mechanism and basket welding process.

At the same time, to a large extent, it should be inspected when it comes to the building hanging basket factory’s quality assurance system and  after-sales service. Next, we actually need to check the wire rope, safety locks, electrical appliances and other major supporting parts of the production certificate; When necessary, for the construction of the hanging basket, the quality of the production plant control status needs to further examined.