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Wuxi Hanjie Zlp800 Aluminum Electric Gondola Installation And Inspection
Nov 30, 2017

Recently ,we have build a good relationship with one of our Spain customers--zlp800 alumunum suspended paltform, 11.28 our techanians and export sales make an installation and inspection of this 8m length platform since the production done.


This zlp800 2m+2m+2m+1.5m is the best produt of zlp suspended paltform, with strongest aluminum alloy materials, equipment with 9.1mm steel rope, 220V 1.8KW hoist, and the suspension mechanism, we also make an innovation--added two supports beside the wheels, for safety and move easily.


The two hoists are yongheng brand, which is much better than usual hoists.LSD3.0 safety lock,Anti-Tilt, Maximum Angle control, very safe and efficent.  The electric box equipped with 220V 1.8kw, which can load 800kgs, and Anti-electric Sign, also with a nameplate showed specific parameter.


This time we also equipped the wall againest Wheels, made of rubber, and Scalable and flexable according to the distance between the wall and platform, which is more convenient and efficent.


This time we just installed 2m platform to make a test, all is good. Each time, every product, our techanians are always make exact inspect, to make sure the goods safe, operated.


Wuxi hanjie, we are in wuxi, near to shanghai. Welcome all our foreign friends to visit wuxi, visit our factory, lets talk more about details, face to face, make sure most resonable and competitive price and best products and service.